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Our Current and Previous Projects 


Aircraft Engineering Design

  1. Design of Airframe structure for MPA3 Maritime patrol aircraft - Redesign of airframe structure to add fuel tank, SATCOM mounting, and SAR telephone radar.

  2. Structural Modification, Stress analysis, and created manufacturing drawings.

  3. We Support on-site for manufacturing prove out.

Manufacturing Assembly

NC Programming and Advanced Manufacturing

  1. Manufacturing & critical components for LCA A400, A350 and 787

  2. MLG, NLG, Bulkhead, Hinge Beamand Latch beam for A400, A350 and 787

Tooling Projects

  1. Upper and Lower Panel assembly Jigsfor E190/196 Program.

  2. Assembly jigs & fixtures for C919 Tail cone, Section 19 Frames, Maintenance door & Press frame assemblies.

  3. Aft, Fwd. & Wing Crawlerfor A319/320/321 program.

  4. Assembly Jigs for Rib assembly of C130JHorizontal &Verticalstabilizer.

  5. Subassembly jigs of Aileron, Flap, and winglet of BD100.

  6. Form Tools for sheet metal parts for LCA Project.

  7. Front fuselage Assembly jig for fighter Aircraft.

  8. Coupling jig for Fistes Aircraft.

Laser Cutting

General Engineering Design and Manufacturing

  1. Special purpose machines, Conveyors, and ground handling equipment.

  2. Measuring systems and equipment

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